Bunt 24 Media is part of the Bunt 24 group, and one of the key players of Vienna’s market of public area marketing. Our group owns 3000 advertisement spots in Vienna’s public areas and can thereby offer a wide array of advertisement opportunities for our clients.

Our nation-wide presence and broad portfolio allows us to provide a suitable and efficient solution to any marketing objective of our clients.

Benefits of advertisement in public areas:

Firstly, advertisements in public areas are an integral part of our everyday lives, which the residents encounter whenever they leave their homes. It also allows for easy planning on a local level, too (indeed, it is the most efficient advertisement opportunity for small regions). Furthermore, it is impossible to avoid, as opposed to TV, where viewers may flip away to another channel. In addition, it comes in a variety of forms, which fits the space and the target group. It is suitable for reaching the youth, who traditionally avoid much of classic media. Besides, advertisement in public areas is not intrusive, as proven by studies that highlight that these ads boast the highest popularity among different types of ads. Unique sizes and forms work well to grab the attention of the passers-by.

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